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Amara Misión is a christian association with the goal to send finantial support to spanish christian missionaries who serve in and out of Spain. [read more]
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Amara Mission gives you the opportunity to find spanish missonaries that are serving in and out of Spain, you have the great opportunity to send them a gift in form of a donation or prayer.

We also encourage you to find out about the Christian Events in Spain, if you wish to visit or help out.

We are all on the same team with the same vision to carry out the most important mission of our lives.
Israel and Sonia [+]
  Israel and Sonia  
  Our ministry is based upon four essential pillars that we wish to communicate to young...  
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Itiel Arroyo [+]
  Itiel Arroyo  
  Itiel Arroyo was born in Bilbao in 1985. He is licensed in computer engineering at the Univers...  
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Jonas and Lisa Sanz [+]
  Jonas and Lisa Sanz  
  There is a huge competition for the minds and hearts of the students at university. There are ...  
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Burkina Faso Trip [+]
  Burkina Faso Trip  
  We will be visiting an orphanage for babies (from 0 to 2 years) in Burkina Faso, Africa. We di...  

Jona y Vane [+]
  Jona y Vane  
  Our aim is to disciple young people from Valencia, Spain and around the world, to send them to...  
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Lance and Tabita [+]
  Lance and Tabita  
  We serve in JCUM base in Malaga (Spain). We have the vision to serve also in Portugal and Gibr...  
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Mision Posible 2009 [+]
  Mision Posible 2009  
  Mision Posible is a christian event for young christians all over Spain which takes place duri...  

Mission-net 2009 [+]
  Mission-net 2009  
  "For heavens sake! This is the theme for Mission-net´s newest congress in 2009, and...